Filling Your Practice with: Full Scheule Power

Approved for 3 PDA/CE Units | taught by Mara Frank LAc, DTCM (China), DMQ (China), MTCM, BA
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Mara Frank LAc, DTCM (China), DMQ (China), MTCM, BA
Mara Frank LAc, DTCM (China), DMQ (China), MTCM, BA
Co-founder Acupuncture Insights

About the Instructor

Hi Ya'll! I am Dr. Mara and I am so happy to share this life changing information with you. . All in all I love education, I love to learn, and I love exploring how people learn best.I have spent my life exploring, discovering, and learning about Asian Medicine and what makes an acupuncture clinic work. My thriving private practice is in Peachtree City, Georgia USA. If your in town swing by and say hello =)

And did I mention I live to teach? I am from a lineage of teachers with both my mother and father being professors, and my grandfather also being a professor and the dean of anatomy at a premier medical school. We are not only professors, but educators. We profoundly are interested in student learning, and outcomes. i.e. did you actually learn and internalize what was being taught. Sounds simple, but too many still think lecture is the gold standard of expertise. Not so! It has been proven again and again that the way people actually is lear is through play, body movements, engaging with the material at a deeper level, and creating your own content are what gets the information embodies. The desire to teach is in my blood. Lets explore these amazing topics together. Shall we?

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Filing your practice with Full Schedule Power is a 3 NCCAOM PDA or 3 California CE course which dives into the reasons why clients cancel and what you can do to minimize this occurrence to keep your schedule full! Offering more than other practice management courses Full Schedule Power offers practitioner the opportunity and the tools necessary to reflect upon Who they want as clients and how to keep yourself balanced as well.

This course is best for people just starting out in practice


Those who have had continually struggled with keeping a full schedule due to patient compliance problems, last minute cancellations, and doctor (that's you) burn out.

Course Contents

4 Videos
1 Quiz
1 Survey
5 PDFs
3.0 hrs